The Great Indian Land Grab!!

Recently the Chinese envoy visiting India claimed that Arunachal Pradesh falls under Chinese territory.

Ya rite Mr. Schezwan!! Do you even know the name of the capital of the state? Next they will tell us they want Kashmir too, and somehow it ‘falls’ under the Chinese territory.

The topic of this article though might be the Indian Land-Grab, it’s not India who is doing the ‘grabbing’.

First it was Pakistan who wanted Kashmir. Then, they consulted the local people and found out that the Indian bureaucratic system was as hopeless as theirs, and if they started believing that their ‘talks’ will help them win over their Indian counterparts and they would one day hand over Kashmir with a ribbon tied around it, they would be dreaming. So they decided to do it their way. And to say the least it’s not the best way to do things.

They then just literally ‘walked’ into India through Kashmir and whatever land that they ‘shat’ on became POK. Then they drew a line across it saying that it is the LOC or the McMohan line and you will have to abide by it. Though this tactic may not sound diplomatic enough, it sure as hell was effective.

Now, are we seeing China do something similar? That only time will tell.

The question that comes to one’s mind is, why is it that our neighbors want a piece of our land?

Though no one knows the exact answer we can nevertheless speculate.

What comes to a person’s mind is, the Indian attitude. Are we so lax in our attitude that another country can pick and choose the best part of land available. They would look at nearest states, compare the statistics, look at the industry possible, the scenic beauty, the resources available and say ‘Yes this is the state I like’.

Funny though it may seem you can compare it to buying a car. Imagine going to a dealer getting the brochures, comparing the features, the mileage, the looks, the power and then deciding and saying ‘Yes this is the car I like’.

Coming back to the attitude, what I mean to say is, would the same course of actions taken place had some other country been in the place of India? For the sake of argument, let’s imagine a European country. Let’s say Israel. Ohh!! Sorry, wrong choice. Let’s say China and Pakistan were neighbors, can you imagine Pakistan telling China that the Schezwan Province (this does exist) is mine. The next thing you know, Chinese military would be all over the border and before we know it, half of Pakistan would be eating Chop Suey for lunch instead of tandoori.

So is it all about the Indian attitude? One might be forced to say yes. Every country wants to capture more territory to command more power. Colonization. But when will it end?

What we can go further and think about is, what is it that might transpire from all of this? What are the extents which the two countries would go to, to prove their point? Are we risking a nuclear war? But come to think of it, we can’t do zilch about anything except wait and talk. We most certainly can’t risk a war. That would be too damaging to the economy, even though we might settle issues with Pakistan, and China would do the same with us, it’s not at all feasible to go for an all out war. I recommend you to go to the website and you will get the breeze of what I am talking about.

China for it’s part doesn’t want any conflict for the next fifteen years, after which it would be called a developed country. After that, it’s your guess as good as mine.

So I am still thinking, what is it that attracts our neighbors to grab land from our country? Maybe the answer lies in the fact that we are just plain seductive and they can’t live with it.

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