its that time of the year again….

its the time when the most awaited exam of the year takes place…..its been happening for YEARS till now and will keep happening….but i m noticing it this time….cos i am in it….

it seems as if they are hyping it all up THIS year…cos i never saw the CAT SCANS and BELL THE CAT series in atleast ten channels and newspapers last year…..but maybe i never noticed it….

yes it is one of the biggest exam of the year….no exam one ever gives changes the life of a person like this does…..if u crack it u r half way through to earning a starting salary of 10 lakhs per annum…and that is only the starting salary….

but is it fair that this ONE day…..this TWO and a HALF hours…decides the future of two lakh students….

yes its a record breaking two lakh students giving CAT this year… think of it in a different way…it means an income of TWENTY TWO CRORE Rs to the IIMs by forms alone… do the math on how much each form costs : P

ya…so is it fair??

one might say its not….can a person cramp his capabilities as a future manager in two and a half hours and maybe sixty darkened circles on a paper?? maybe not……

but what i have learned is different….what i have come to know about this exam….

its not an exam of Quantitative Ability or Verbal Ability or Data Interpretation as the IIMs say in their bulliten…..

its much more than that….


cliched though it may sound…this is wat its all about….it doesnt matter if u know the whole quant section or vice versa…..its all about converting them into MARKS in those two and half hours…

its all about the attitude and who holds their nerve better….

if u have the attitude to think that you are better than the rest…..chances are they will take you….cos that is what is needed of a manager these days…..

its precisely this… makes thousands of people think how fair it is……and the rest who cut through all this argument…..make it…..

its about forgetting all your past mistakes….all your past scores…all your past AMAZING scores and equally disappointing ones…..

its about focussing on what you are doing at the PRESENT in that class room and what it will transpire into, in your future…..

after all……isnt THAT what LIFE is all about?

take care…

and i need LOADS of luck and prayers….no thinking abt ‘i will get it if i deserve it’ shit this time….so PRAY people…..

love you guys….

i will soon post about my experience


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